Business Design Coaching with Natalie Sisson

Let’s take your current business and turn it into a thriving online business that gives you the time and money to live your dream lifestyle.

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“Natalie Sisson changed my life. Thanks to her incredible coaching,

I developed the courage to walk away from the day job – and one year later I’m doing what I love, and earning more than ever. Since launching the Brand Alchemist I’ve added over 7,000 new subscribers to my list in a few weeks, all because my brand finally aligned with my passions. Natalie believed in me when I didn’t believe my myself, encouraged me to face my demons, gave me the tools I needed to take my business to the next level and held me accountable to make sure I made progress. What I LOVE about Natalie is her no-BS approach – you know during your session that you’ll get some straight, honest advice and feedback from someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. THANK YOU Natalie, for being so awesome” ~Cerries Mooney, Founder


Leona D'vaz

“Before I started mentoring with Natalie I was over-committed, unclear and trying desperately to make my vision a reality. Working with Natalie I found the impetus to complete my one page Biz plan, create my painted picture and gain razor sharp focus on exactly the type of business and lifestyle I wanted to lead, spent time researching my ideal client base and working on their respective avatars, structured packages that I would take to market and the big one – set up systems, structure and soft launched my website. As a result I feel so aligned with my vision and have not only secured two major clients to work with, but my first mentee as well! I didn’t end up loading my PP. It just wouldn’t work. Not to worry. The deadline was invaluable for me to get it done!” ~ Leona Devaz, Freelance Writer,


Here’s the problem I see all the time. Many people have built themselves a full time job, not a real, profitable business they love that allows them to live their ideal lifestyle too.

That ain’t fun, or smart and that’s not what you want. I know this for sure.

Natalie at the park with her ipadI’m Natalie Sisson, the founder of the Suitcase Entrepreneur and full time adventurer. I’m a No #1 Bestselling Author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, podcaster and have an 8 revenue stream 6-figure plus business I run from a laptop and a smartphone. As your Business Design coach I can identify the areas you can improve on and leverage almost immediately and then together we will prioritize your efforts to increase your revenue while reducing the amount of time you’re spending in the business, rather than on it. Ultimately you want to be receiving consistent recurring revenue and making an impact, while still having time to live, travel the world or simply spend more time with your family, friends or on doing all the other things you you love in life. If you’re serious about living your best life, while building a successful business you’re proud of, that affords you the type of life you want to lead, then you need to take action today. I can guarantee that what you’re lacking is the right formula of systems in place to streamline your business and optimize your efforts. In addition you probably don’t have the right online marketing, sales and content creation strategy in place either. That’s where I come in.


“Before working with Natalie, I felt overwhelmed by all the things I was supposed to do to start generating revenue from my blog; I had no idea where to start. Natalie provided a focused plan and step-by-step coaching that proved pivotal to my success. Her experience and expertise are invaluable, not to mention she’s a delight to know and talk to! On a clear path now, I have landed guest posts on major blogs, doubled my email list, expanded my online coaching clientele, and written my first ebook all in the 5 months we’ve been working together. I’m now generating more revenue than our original goal without compromising my message (which was my main goal). Natalie was the catalyst I needed to reach the next level of my blogging career.” ~ Amy Clover, Strong Inside Out, United States


Profile close up 500x583

“Even though I only had an hour of coaching with Natalie a lot of important decisions stemmed from that call. Natalie gave me practical tips which led to me changing my upcoming contest and gaining 1,000 new subscribers so I was really happy with the results. She also asked some hard questions about my longer term plan for my business and made me realise I had been heading away from how I can truly serve my clients best. I changed my plans and now feel much more aligned with my business vision and excited about the future. It’s amazing how much business wisdom can be delivered in an hour!” ~ Cat LeBlanc, Business Strategist & Venture Catalyst, United States

What is Business Design Coaching?

I provide you with the clarity and focus you need to take your current business to the level you want to be able to do what you’ve always wanted. I look at your individual needs and current skill set plus existing business to help you design and optimize a business model that will work for you – not just what worked for me. That’s important to clarify up front. You are unique. And so is your business.

I want you to focus on what you do best, I want you to feel empowered and in control of your business success. That’s how I aim to leave you feeling when we get off our power call. I offer you the clarity and focus you need to create a thriving business, and the right systems and tools in place so that you can maximize the time you spend ON the business, not in it.

Work with me and I’ll show you how to

  1. Define your current niche so that you step up and own it and know exactly which clients and customers you need to target and work with.
  2. Understand how to become a savvy online marketer using social media and a content strategy that works for you to drive traffic and generate qualified leads.
  3. Work with the business assets you currently have to add multiple streams of revenue and diversify your income so you can reach your annual business targets and financial goals within the next 6-12 months (or help you set these goals and achieve them).
  4. Work with you to design, create and launch products and services that bring you in residual income on a consistent basis
  5. Create time and money saving systems using online tools that will work for you and your business, as well as setting up an outsourcing plan that works for you and your budget.

Are we right for each other?

I like to work with committed, passionate aspiring and established entrepreneurs. I want to know that you will follow through on our sessions to progress to the next stage, and that you will put in the work and invest time to do action what we’ve discussed.

If that does sound like you, and you think you’re the right fit for my coaching then fill in the application form below so I can learn more about you and if we’re a right fit for an introductory call to discuss your business challenges and lifestyle goals and we will decide on the best direction for coaching or the best option for you.


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“Natalie, you are like a modern magi answering an ancient call, a digital ninja armed with sim card and smartphone, serving thousands of followers by your own worldly experiences and online teachings. Creating an exodus by helping these people break free of old limiting work beliefs. An entrepreneurial example to the next generations. Kia kaha, kia toa (Maori words invoking strength and courage)”. ~ Hirini Reedy, Director at Toa Energy Group Ltd, New Zealand

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What my wonderful coaching clients have to say:

Andrina Tisi

“I started coaching with Natalie during a time when I was going through a lot of personal changes and needed to stay on track and focused so I could really move my business in the direction I wanted. My dream goal is to be location independent and Natalie is the go to coach to help with that. She has tremendous experience and knows what it’s like transitioning from the corporate world and making the big shift to building an online business. She has millions of resources and tools that make business and life easier, more productive and effective. Natalie helped me to understand my idea clients and then craft, refine and market my upcoming in person health and nutrition workshops. We also created a plan for turning this into a future online program that can be easily tweaked to cover different topics and create multiple streams of revenue.” ~ Andrina Tisi,, Canada


Meaghan Newson

“Every solopreneur needs at least one person who believes in them, and that is the gift Natalie wholeheartedly provides. She came to our coaching session having already gained an in-depth understanding of my business and an intuitive sense of my roadblocks, and graciously offered her insights into the next steps I needed to take to align my business with my purpose. Natalie is a true mentor who is sincerely interested in helping you to succeed. Thanks to her, my journey ahead is now clearer. More importantly, she has given me the confidence to take the next steps on the entrepreneurial path.” ~ Meaghan Newson, Glyph Communications, Australia


“It was so great to have you to brainstorm ideas with and someone who understood the world market I am in. Your words still ring in my head when I am trying new things. I loved your saying “Just get over it Gemma” The best thing is that Natalie focuses your hard work into the right areas so you do not waste your energy on a useless pathway. She guides you in the right direction tells you straight up if you are on track. I like this ‘up front’, ‘this is how it is’, ‘get it right and go get it!’ style of coaching. Natalie Sisson is one hell of a business woman and an admirable person, and one of my heroines who’s helped me build in systems to my business to manage my client overload, as well as the key tools to run my business more smoothly.” ~ Gemma Green Close, Passion For Italy Travel, Italy/ Australia


“I worked with Natalie to clarify my strategy for online marketing, product launch and my sales funnel. Her advice and insight saved me a lot of time trying to figure things out myself, and clarified what I needed to do to move my products to market faster and convert more of my leads to sales.Natalie’s one-on-one help was also instrumental in my creation of a compelling landing page for my first e-product. The feedback I’ve received on the page has been really positive and it’s already helping to sell more books. There is still a lot that Natalie can help me with and I’m excited to work with her again!”~ Jessica Oman, A.S.A, President of, Canada


“You always wonder whether investing in coaching is worthwhile, I can now say it IS! I had been struggling with finding focus and clarity on how and what to do in business for years. My heart wasn’t into what I had been doing for a living. In just 1 hour, Natalie was able to spin my expertise into a business model I can feel excited about pursuing. I walked away with a clearer mindset and an action plan. Thank you”~ Daisy Hernandez, Empowerment and Personal Wellness Passionista, Canada


“Natalie can and will challenge even the most accomplished entrepreneur to their next level of success. I needed someone who would work with me as a partner and respect my achievements while providing objective feedback and insights. I look forward to my calls with Natalie, and always walk away brimming with practical, effective next steps.” ~ Nicole Fende, A.S.A, President of Small Business Finance Forum, United States


Annie Andre coaching client of Natalie Sisson

“Natalie was great! Rather than giving me a long list of hard to implement recommendations or telling me things I already knew about my business, she gave me actionable goals and filled in the gaps. Plus, she helped me get some clarity and establish goals based on where I am and where I want to go with my business so that it aligns with my lifestyle.” ~ Annie Andre, Owner and Designer at Le Neko Noir, France


“Prior to my session with Natalie I felt overwhelmed, confused and lacking in confidence to move forward in developing a successful online business. Natalie helped me to gain clarity and focus on those important next steps and the confidence to implement a clear action plan. I wholeheartedly recommend Natalie to any female entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level and can’t wait for our future sessions!” ~ Claire Kerslake, Loving Life With Diabetes, Australia


“When I first started coaching with Natalie I was going through a huge transition in mine, and my families life, selling everything and moving onto a boat. Because we wanted to obtain a location independent lifestyle, it was only natural that I’d be attracted to the Suitcase Entrepreneur website, inhale the BYOB ebook and even pre ordered the audio version of the book.” Read more. ~ Sarah Steenland, Freelance Cartoonist, A boat off Australia


Nnancy Rishworth

“My husband and I have been trying for some years to create a successful internet business, without having found the necessary marketing strategies to do so. Natalie has assisted us to gain a far better understanding of what we have been missing and what we need to do. We now feel we have good strategies to follow and are looking to develop a successful business over the next couple of years. Natalie has helped us launch a new website, as well as assisted us to refine our niche, provide great advice for revamping our nutrition guide and has been pivotal in getting our first guest post opportunity. We are appreciative of her providing a definite set of steps for us to implement to develop an online business that will be of considerable value for the foreseeable future.” ~ Nancy and Jonathan Rishworth, Keep Fit Forever, New Zealand


“Business coaching with Natalie Sisson is a great experience ~ she quickly lasers in to the areas where you’re stuck and gently but firmly nudges you out of that place and into action. She is generous, insightful and a great spark toward action that makes a difference in getting you moving forward. Her advice is sound and grounded in real life experience. I recommend her highly and I’m so grateful for our time together .” ~ Cynthia McGrath, Associate Professor at OSF Healthcare, USA