As part of the Build Your Online Business contest., I challenged anyone who bought the BYOB Guide or audio book, to tell me what one thing they learned and implemented as a result.

This the second to last entry of real life stories of entrepreneurs building their own online business before the final round of judging for who wins cash and coaching. and it’s a goodie!

This entry is from Sarah Woods, My Tropical Living, Brisbane, Australia

I first discovered the joys of blogging about a year ago, and was surprised to find out that people can actually make money from doing it, and I thought if I can make a living doing something that is that much fun and be able to do it anywhere in the world then that’s something I need to learn more about.

When I think about how I came across Natalie and the BYOB guide, it proves one of the key lessons in her ebook regarding the ‘building trust’ aspect of growing a successful business online. People will not look to work with you straight away. As in any sort of long lasting relationship, it takes time to establish trust and build value.

Natalie was on my radar for quite a long time before I took any real action, there are swarms of people online offering this and that to grow your online business. But what Natalie had to offer stood out from the crowd consistently.

Because I’m a very busy mum with two young kids, it took me some time to realise that what Natalie was offering was the perfect fit for the vision I have for my business and lifestyle, all the boxes need to be ticked before I joined her tribe – value, integrity, reliable, rapport and offering just what I needed to take my business to where I dream it will be.

Now comes the interesting part…..what steps have I taken to implement my location independent lifestyle?

Weeeell it’s been a very interesting six months indeed! We’ve sold our house, sold ALL our furniture and “stuff”…..oh so much stuff, it made me sick to the stomach how much sh*t we have accumulated.

I’m amazed how cleansing the ‘letting go’ process has been. I have also managed to part with my amazing shoe collection which is a huge step for woman kind!

We are now living on a boat, and a small one at that. Just me, my husband and our two kids 6 and 3. No TV, no dishwasher, a tiny fridge, minuscule storage and no room for my amazing shoe collection……..

How do we manage I hear you ask?

Well at first I couldn’t see how it could possibly work, but we took the leap of faith and now I can’t think of a better place to be. Just by taking the steps no matter how small and drawn out they may seem, I know the dream of one day (soon), we will cruise the world on our boat with our two kids.

The change over to a different life, especially a life that is not socially acceptable or seen as alternative, is not an easy path to follow, but

“having the guts to challenge what is deemed to be normal is more rewarding than any material thing you can buy”. 

Sarah Woods is Building Her Online Business

That is most evident with our children as we don’t have many toys on the boat because we interact more, and when we go to an Island they are lost in their imagination with the new found objects on the beach.

Simplifying our lives has also enabled me to spend more time blogging and building my business.

When we had the house and all the trappings, more time was spent having to clean and maintain the house,

plus the temptation of plonking in front of the TV was hard to resist when the rest of the family were zombi-fied in front of it. Even when we go out on the bay for the weekend I can still manage to do a blog post or do some research, as long as I have my wifi it can work anywhere anytime.
After taking the first step and finding my life is finally starting to feel like it’s making some sense, I’m really excited to keep moving forward even if it takes longer than I’d like, as long as I keep taking the steps I know I’m moving in the right direction.

Happy adventures,

Sarah Woods is not only blogging about her tropical adventure but is also an interior design mentor and blogs about building and decorating on her lifestyle blog. Follow her on Twitter @squeezeddaily

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