How Do You Launch A Profitable Product You Love?

I get asked this question on a weekly basis. It’s like the holy grail of questions on everybody’s lips right now.

While I love taking the time to answer it right here on my blog or in my coaching calls, I have a better solution for you today.

You see, there is not a simple answer to this and it takes time for me to tell you all the ways in which you can turn your talents, knowledge and passion into a product or service that earns you revenue and respect.

In fact there’s never been a better time than now to create a business doing what you love and making money from it online – and offline.

That’s why my partner in crime, Natalie MacNeil and I, have launched a free video series today to answer your burning questions around building an online business and mastering the world of online marketing.

We’re really passionate about giving women the skills, knowledge and platform from which to play a much bigger game while creating the lifestyle they want that fits in with their aspirations, relationships and family.

In fact we have a bold vision: 

WE want to create a powerful movement of women entrepreneurs creating profitable online businesses and dominating the online world.

I know, exciting right.  Our driving force behind this vision has been YOU.

Yep. With our combined super powers (aka blog platforms) we have a community of over to 20,000 subscribed tribe members.

Fabulous women (and men) who like what we have to share about entrepreneurship, social media, online tools, technology, future trends and womens rights.

You drive our very thoughts, actions and desires. You are who we jump out of bed for in the morning and stay up late for at night. Without sounding like Bryan Adams – Everything we do, we do it for you.

Without YOU, there would be no WE.

You’ve allowed us to build our businesses, make an impact and player a much bigger game.

Over the year’s we’ve asked well over 2,000 women what their top 10 challenges are and what they needed to play a bigger game and run a profitable business that they loved. Here’s what they said:

  1. Being afraid to take the leap into a new business or the next stage of my business
  2. Becoming an effective online marketer and feeling good about selling
  3. Finding and carving out the right niche and then owning it
  4. Access to a large and engaged network of women at a cost I can afford
  5. Attracting high quality clients like national brands that people know about
  6. Managing my time in the best way possible and being more productive
  7. Adding more streams of income to my business and understanding the financials
  8. Creating products that bring me a passive income and allow me to work from anywhere
  9. Becoming more tech savvy and keeping up with the fast paced online world
  10. Running a thriving business and actually leading a fulfilling, healthy and balanced life

And so we listened. And then we took action. And then we became partners in crime and produced this video series for you!

Today is the day. You’re off to great places.

I love Dr Seuss.  He knows, like me, that today is the day, there is no better time than now. Oh the places you shall go when you decide to take action and start your online business. One of the first places you should go actually is to access our free video series.

Because today is the day that we are officially announcing our upcoming launch of….

WE Mastermind is where women play a bigger game onlineOver the coming weeks we will tell you more about our awesome program and  why it is entirely possible for more women to earn 6 and even 7 figures online by launching products and services based around what they already know, what they’re good at and what they love doing.

 Oh and if you want to see me carrying Natalie in my arms, come and like our Facebook page and enter our competition to win a FREE spot on our upcoming program  just by telling us your dream business idea!

  • Ruth Fearnley

    Congratulations ladies, sounds awesome!

    p.s. “a bond that superglue would be jealous of” hahahahahaha *superlike*

  • NatalieSisson

    @Ruth Fearnley I thought that was some of my best work ever Ruth, Glad you super like it :)

  • bigredtomato

    Sounds like a truly amazing initative Natalie, I wish you well for your collaboration!

  • NatalieSisson

    @bigredtomato Thank you Matthew. I just read that you’re from Nottingham – Sherwood Forest country and where my Dad was born. I know it well.

  • Casey Dawes

    3 things that I’ve found my women clients consistently have problems with:
    Finance — they don’t want to understand, they don’t take the time to understand, they don’t think it’s necessary, money isn’t their top goal in owning a business (right….)
    Marketing/Sales — they don’t want to be perceived as the telemarketer calling at dinner time or the pushy used car salesperson
    Employees — they want to be their mother.

  • Natalie MacNeil

    Casey, I agree. I touched on the mothering slightly in my book too… the funny thing is that I’m not even a mom and I wanted to “mother” my employees! I had to take a big step back a couple years ago and say “Hey Natalie, what the hell are you doing?!” I’ve shifted those relationships but it’s still something I have to be mindful of :)

  • Debi Auger

    Natalie (and Natalie MacNeil too) you put together an awesome-beyond-words program. WE Mastermind changed my life!
    Advice to anyone reading this and considering it… DO IT! It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself your business and your future!
    Thank you Natalies ?

  • Debi Auger

    Ok that was NOT supposed to be a ?

  • Lisa Stein

    Sounds like a great opportunity and I believe that women can run million dollar businesses and be location independent I run an online business for mom entrepreneurs and they have some of the same challenges you mentioned. I’m curious – have you had to alter the program in any way based on the first round of women who were a part of the program?

  • Rafael Roldan

    Natalie, you’re the best woman I’ve ever met in my entire life!!!!! Sooooo sweet and powerful!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Wow thank you and you haven’t even met me in person! :)