March 23 – 27, 2017
Heaven In Bali Villas, Bali - Indonesia
In March 2015 and 2016, a group of passionate entrepreneurs ascended into a tropical island paradise - the majestic hills outside of Ubud, Bali - for 4.5 epic days of working together to create their ideal lifestyle businesses.

In March 2017 we are doing it all over again.

Ready to get away from the everyday grind and place yourself one step closer to your perfect day? The Escape To Freedom Retreat is designed to do just that! You’ll be infused with inspiration and motivation, as you concentrate on your own personal Freedom Plan in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. You’ll receive personalized coaching, group mastermind brainstorming, special guest expert instruction, and a relaxing, positive atmosphere to develop your Freedom Plan vision.

We’ll celebrate your progress through the program with fun social activities and day trips, and plenty of time to enjoy the amenities of the appropriately named Heaven In Bali Villas. Bali is the perfect destination to focus on your Freedom Plan. Majestic mountains, lush jungle foliage, friendly people, and chill island vibes will make you feel more motivated than ever to bring your plan to fruition.

Are you ready to feel inspired?

DAY ONE: Thursday March 23
Welcome to beautiful Bali!

You will be picked up in Ubud, Bali, by our dedicated drivers (at 3pm or 4pm, depending on your time of arrival) and be swept away to our deluxe retreat resort - the magical Heaven In Bali Villas. 

A unique boutique resort built in traditional Balinese style, Heaven In Bali is surrounded by babbling streams and lush green vegetation. Orchids are prevalent in the setting and decor, and each room is even designed around a particular orchid color! 

You will be taken on a quick, pleasant journey 21km into the mountains of Bali to the resort. There you can settle into your own well-appointed room, splash around in the amazing infinity pool and hot tub, or just soak in the tropical atmosphere and amazing views.
Thursday evening dinner and drinks

In the evening, we’ll gather for the first time to get to know one another over welcome drinks. We’ll have a delicious and healthy dinner overlooking the pool and ravine while discussing our intentions for the retreat. 

Meals are prepared from organically grown vegetables when possible, as well as from Heaven In Bali’s very own garden. Healthy, hearty, and delicious food at every meal - you will definitely not go hungry.

Then it’s time to get a good night’s rest - because we embark on a full day of awesomeness in the morning!

"It’s so amazing what you can achieve and create when you are surrounded by talented, passionate and supportive entrepreneurs for 4 days!”

“I generally find it really hard to take the time away from my business to do the planning and strategy work I know I need to do to really take my business to the next level. And so the freedom retreat gave me that space to really put in place some strategic plans for my business which have already paid off as it helped me get really clear on the direction I want my business to head in. Taking the time out to plan and create was invaluable and I’m super excited about where I can take my business this year with what I was able to learn and implement. 

One of the things that made this retreat different was the amazing connection I made so quickly with the other participants and I think this is facilitated by Natalie’s friendly, open, always supportive nature. It’s so amazing what you can achieve and create when you are surrounded by talented, passionate and supportive entrepreneurs for 4 days!” 

Karen Wojciechowski

DAY TWO: Friday March 24
Your day begins with an hour long yoga class, designed to put you in a relaxed and creative flow state. We’ll follow that with a healthy organic breakfast. We’ll get your Body and Mind prepped and ready for the day ahead.

Then it’s time to get down to business - a full-day Mastermind session.

We’ll all work together on your vision, ensuring advancement to the next level of your Freedom Plan.

You’ll receive:

● Personal time in the the “Hot Seat”
● Laser-focused Coaching from me
● Advice and Input from everyone in the group
● Ideas, Strategies, Resources, and Connections that will push you to succeed

By the time this session is over, you’ll have gone from ‘stuck’ to unstoppable!
A healthy lunch will be served mid-day to break up the session, and allow time to refocus for maximum productivity. 

Following the Mastermind, you’ll have time to unwind and relax into a blissful state. Spend some time lazing by the pool, sleeping, reading, enjoying time with your new friends - whatever you desire!

We’ll come together Friday evening for a Freedom Dinner, with more of Heaven In Bali’s healthy and delicious fare. Then we’ll spend the evening in great conversations with good company, and perhaps some dancing, singing, and festivities.
DAY THREE: Saturday March 25
The day starts with another healthy breakfast overlooking the lush valley. We’ll then set our intentions for the day with a morning meditation session. Full and focused, we move into our very own…
The Freedom Plan™ Workshop
It’s going to be an absolutely epic day of building your dream business to give you more freedom and allowing you to live your ideal life.

Prior to the retreat, you’ll receive details on working through my ‘famous’ 1 Page Biz Plan template. You’ll be prepared and ready to get the most out of the workshop as we:

Go Over Your 2017 Business Plan
● Making sure that it ties into your long-term vision
● Fine tuning how your plan supports your lifestyle and intentions for the year

Focus On Ways to Expand Your Revenue Stream
● Examine detailed case studies/examples
● Come away with money-making strategies you can implement right way

After a break for yet another delicious and healthy lunch, we will:

Level Up Our Productivity and Focus
● Become more personally productive everyday
● Streamline your business systems to create more freedom
● Focus your new-found time on growing your business

Complete the Workshop With Positive Action
● Determine at least ONE tangible action to undertake during March towards your Freedom Plan

To celebrate our new steps toward freedom, we’ll have a wonderful dinner together, sharing our hopes and dreams for the future under the magical Bali moonlight.
DAY FOUR: Sunday March 26
After all the brainpower exercise yesterday, we start this morning with a short, rejuvenating workout to get the blood pumping and creative juices flowing. A healthy breakfast together leads into our special guest expert session:
Mindset Mastery with guest expert Osmaan Sharif
Osmaan Sharif is a Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer, and Speaker at his business Rapid Transformation.

Osmaan helps individuals create rapid transformation in life and business by getting their design, mindset, and strategies in tip-top condition. This special presentation will cover:
  • Finding your flow with Wealth Dynamics - a powerful profiling tool that will allow you to optimize your design, mindset and strategies for maximum ‘flow’ and success.
  • Understanding how to grow the ideal ‘dream team’ around you, based on your Wealth Dynamics profile and talents.
  • How to quickly get unstuck when you feel blocked in your business.
  • Letting go of your limiting beliefs or those inner ‘gremlins’ which hold you and your business back
  • Letting go of your limiting beliefs or those inner ‘gremlins’ which hold you and your business back
After this eye-opening presentation, we’ll take a break to eat lunch and absorb all the knowledge that Osmaan just dropped on you.

Then it’s time to implement what you just learned, with my help and Osmaan’s to guide you and answer any questions. I believe you will find this process to be a real game changer for your life and business.

After another afternoon full of awesome, we’ll have a bit of time to relax around the pool, and just chill and take it all in!

Tonight over dinner, we’ll naturally discuss all the growth and learning you’ve experienced. Of course there will be time for dancing and kicking up your heels (or sandals, as we are in Bali!) later.

"Thanks to the retreat I met my accountability partner, with whom I meet once a week to go through challenges and weekly goals, what it’s an incredible font of support and the way to get things done. Amazing retreat!

"The retreat was absolutely transformational! I’ve got a lot of value out of it, and more importantly, I have met some amazing people! Last Saturday Cat and her husband came around for dinner. We had a good laugh remembering good times and talking about our businesses and supporting each other (and playing silly games over a few glasses of wine) and Patricia and myself are also working in a partnership that is working very well. Thanks to the retreat I met my accountability partner, with whom I meet once a week to go through challenges and weekly goals, what it’s an incredible font of support and the way to get things done. Amazing retreat!" 

Mirian Bocija

Stress & Burnout Specialist,

DAY FIVE: Monday March 27
It’s been an intensive 3 days of learning and growing, and although today is the final day of the retreat, we’re not done yet!

We’re in beautiful and exotic Bali, and today we’ll go experience the sights and culture of this fascinating tropical paradise. We’ll start with our final breakfast together, then it’s into our private shuttles to depart Heaven In Bali Villas and off to our next adventure -

Cooking up a storm Master Chef-style at a traditional Balinese cooking class!
You’ll experience the local culture first-hand as the class is held in the home of a local family.
We’ll learn how to prepare traditional Balinese and Indonesian food with local spices and flavors, then eat your mouth-wateringly delicious creations.

After we feast, you’ll be taken by our private shuttles to the heart of Ubud. From here you are free to check into your own hotel or accommodation if you’re staying on, or depart to the airport.

If you elect to stay on in Bali, you’ve arrived on Nyepi Eve - the Balinese New Year’s Eve! Prepare yourself for a celebration for the senses, full of color, pageantry, and a truly festive atmosphere that will live on your memories long after you’ve returned home. The next day is Nyepi, New Year’s Day - The Day of Silence, a day of total calm and contemplation on the entire island. What a way to end our time together!

"I really liked making the time to take a bigger picture view of my business rather than always working on the day-to-day tasks, putting out fires etc. It forced me to be more proactive and do some strategizing rather than being so reactive.

Mike Wojciechowski

The Investment
This is an All-Inclusive Retreat Package*:
  • Exclusive use of the entire Heaven in Bali Retreat complete with 2 pools
  • Two Full Day Workshops
  • One Day Mastermind session
  • Special guest speaker session
  • Private Group Yoga sessions
  • Four nights in your own individual villa
  • All meals cooked with local organic ingredients and prepared on site
  • Unique Balinese Cooking School Experience and visit to local market
  • Transfers to and from Ubud
*Does not include your flights, any extra activities and charges you wish to incur at your own discretion or alcohol.
If you’re ready to invest in yourself and make 2017 your best year ever, the time to do it is now. There are only two spots left and I’d really like you to join me in Bali for your Escape To Freedom.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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