Who is Natalie and Why Are You Here?

Hey Freedom Fighter! So you wanna know a little more about me? Well I’m touched, and I trust you’re prepared for an adventure….Natalie Sisson in a suitcase

I’m Natalie Sisson and I like to call myself the Suitcase Entrepreneur because since 2006, when I left my hometown New Zealand, I’ve been traveling the world and living out of my suitcase, while running my online business that reached multiple 6 figures in 2014 and allows me massive freedom.

According to this photo, living out of a suitcase was something I was always destined to do!

Below I share my vision for my life’s work and why I am on a mission to help 100,000 plus entrepreneurs and people create true freedom in life by 2020.

I also reveal my past life in the corporate world, how and why I started my business, how I actually make money and help thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, and some of my claims to fame sprinkled with some quirky facts.

The Official Story:

My friends call me an adventurer (others use the word nutter) because I have a motto of living life to the fullest. I’m a writer, author, speaker, blogger and fun-loving, down to earth entrepreneur.

I’m ridiculously passionate about building amazing businesses online that you can take anywhere. That means online marketing, social media and new tools and technologies are my life.

Combine that with my absolute love for travel and my addiction to Ultimate Frisbee, and you pretty much have the full picture on me.

I’ve had over 8 years of corporate experience in marketing, communications, brand and product management for some major companies in New Zealand, England and Canada across the widest variety of industries – yep I had real jobs!

Throw into the mix a past life in modeling, TV presenting, Moto-x racing, tennis, netball, triathlons, sailing, and you get the kind of person I am.

A multi-faceted multi-potentialite woman intent on changing my world, and yours for the better. I love learning and then passing on that knowledge here. I heart entrepreneurship.

How My Journey Began:Natalie Sisson

In late 2009, I was a cofounder of a cool tech company and I found that there was a significant lack of women entrepreneurs and CEOs, especially in technology.

It seemed like having a platform from which to connect with them and interview them was a no-brainer.

So I started a blog to chart my journey as an entrepreneur and to learn from other amazing women entrepreneurs.

I knew deep down that I had a message to share with the world, and many lessons to teach to inspire others to go after their own dreams and start building a business and life they love.

Fast forward to April 2010 and I decided to take what had become an overriding passion in my life, and turn it into a business.

In December of that year, I rebranded to The Suitcase Entrepreneur to better fit the niche I’m focused on – both men and women wanting freedom in business and adventure in life.

How do I run my profitable mobile business?

It’s been built with a whole lot of determination and hustle and primarily consists of nine revenue streams, that have organically grown as a result of my blog growth and brand building and are all aligned with my business goals:

  1. Digital product and program sales – you can see the suite of offerings here
  2. My foundational program The Freedom Plan
  3. My exclusive Highflyer Club for established entrepreneurs
  4. Compensation for recommending products, programs and tools I adore
  5. Podcast Sponsorship with awesome companies that I am proud to align with
  6. My No #1 Bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book and more to come;
  7. Paid speaking gigs around the world!

My Business and Lifestyle Vision

Earlier in 2013 I decided to publicly state my intentions for my business and life three years from now. I did this by sharing my Painted Picture on my blog and Slideshare. Since then over 60% of it has come true!

To date it’s had over 48,000 views and been shared everywhere, for which I’m really honoured. It has directly helped people to create their own and take action for which I’m grateful.

In January 2015 I created my NEW vision for life and business along with my grand plans to create the World’s first Global Freedom Study and much more.

I’d be honored if you read it now

How I add adventure to my life:

I’ve grown The Suitcase Entrepreneur into a thriving online community of thousands of men and women and lots of happy readers and customers.

Besides here, you can find my words of wisdom and features about me in Forbes where I’m a contributor, Under30CEO, Young Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and many more.

But what I really live for is finding new adventures in life and making this whole journey one that builds a legacy I love and am proud of, like the following:

  • 2014 received major press on Yahoo Finance, Daily Mail and the Sydney Herald to name a few, spoken around the world at various conferences and will visit 15 countries!
  • 2013 came fourth with GB Women at the European Championships of Beach Ultimate in Spain, published The Suitcase Entrepreneur book to the world and had my Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast nominated as the Top 10 in Business at the Podcast Awards.
  • 2012 In March to May I cycled from Nairobi to Cape Town and over 6,000 km while raising over $12,600 for Women Win the process. Find out about this journey here!

The Sisterhood Dragon Boating Challenge

  • 2004: Became a Body Sculpting Champion and competed at Nationals.

Natalie Sisson Body Sculpting

Facts about me you may not know

I’ve traveled to 69 countries so far and my aim is to see half the world. In the last 12 months alone I’ve visited 4 continents, 18 countries and 25 different cities (several more than once).

I fancy myself as a bit of a pool shark, and table tennis too and have an odd penchant for picking guys up in bars (no, literally picking them up off their feet – especially the taller and heavier). It’s a rugby lift thing….

I have New Zealand and United Kingdom passport and Canadian Permanent residency and I have bank accounts in four different countries. This year I was told I was officially a fiscal nomad – love that title.

I entered Burma illegally in 2006 and got chased out by a crazy man with a gun….

I almost got arrested in Sydney when I told security that he didn’t need to check my bag for explosives because they were strapped to my chest (yes I know stupid joke to make).

More to come….

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