15 Day Blog Challenge

I designed this challenge to get you into the habit of daily blogging while creating more freedom in your life and business through proven strategies and techniques delivered one daily challenge at a time.

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I learned to blog on a daily basis consistently, and it was a really awesome and rewarding feeling! Thank you Natalie Sisson you have changed my way of “thinking” in terms of blogging!


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This challenge is focused on helping you achieve personal, business and physical freedom over 15 days with a short daily blog challenge and a video explaining it.

Step 1: Join the challenge for free below and you’ll receive an initial email with some SUPER valuable blog tips from as well as key resources I rate highly. This will get you prepared for daily blogging, as well as the type of blogging that best suits you to make sure you will stick with me on this 15 day challenge.

Step 2: You’ll start receiving a short and sweet daily email that includes ONE challenge to complete and a supporting video explaining this which you then answer by writing a post, doing a video or even a podcast on your own blog, then sharing that link in the dedicated Facebook group.


It’s as simple as that!

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LouiseI can honestly say it’s been a heart warming and eye opening experience. Over the course of 15 days, Natalie’s blog challenge has helped me identify some great strategies that already existed within me, but suddenly I was able to articulate them and put them into action. Now with these strategies I feel that I have the confidence to do what I have known I needed to do all along…reduce my time in my “day job” so that I spend more time focusing on my own business and give it the energy it deserves to succeed. Already enquiries and sales have started to increase. Already I have had three articles published in local print publications that link back to my business and support my credibility as becoming an expert in my field. Already new business opportunities have started to develop; consulting, sub contracting, fresh ideas for my business including workshops and courses. So all I can say is Thank You Natalie. Your 15 days have given me clarity and direction on how to get to where I want to be.

– Louise Busija Jones, Australia, louisebusijajones.com.au


Karl StaibThis challenge has been inspiring, Natalie. You crafted a fun and helpful challenge. I applied a few of the ideas from the lessons and had over 10,000 views on a post last week. I joined because I wanted to learn from you and also try something similar around the concept of work happiness. I think I can use many of the same concepts and help people in my community live their passions, improve their focus and leverage their strengths at work. Thanks again!

– Karl Staib, Texas, dominoconnection.com

shaded-divider-reverseJossif-Elefteriadis-1-290x342Thank you for putting this challenge together! I joined to get a head start on my blogging and to get momentum. Blogging 15 days in a row has helped me with that. Another reason was to connect with awesome and like minded people. As a result of your challenge I got a better perspective on where I am today, where I want to be, and how to get there and I’ve interviewed more people for my podcast and know exactly what I have to do to achieve my goals!

– Jossif Elefteriadis, Sweden, theomegamarketing.comshaded-divider-reverse10423925_10152842976337090_667542133032936672_nThanks so much for giving us this challenge Natalie! It has been so much fun and a great way to meet new people! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get out of it, other than to try something new in my business – and when someone says “try this” to reach 15 days to freedom, heck yeah, why wouldn’t you?! The biggest surprise for me was how EASY it was to blog. Just blog. I tend to overcomplicate things, but the daily action made me figure out a way to just get it out there and not worry about making it perfect. The best thing I got out of it was the realisation of how easy it is to do something every single day that will keep my business (and life) moving forward. Thank you soooo much!

– Renata Kunz Mathewson, New Zealand, maplemarketing.co.nz


Sherri-AbellThanks so much for putting together this blog challenge! I joined it because I was hoping to establish some sort of schedule for working on my blog/side projects while I’m still working full-time, and by participating I found that I can find the time to commit daily. I also really liked the content you put out. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I found that the questions you asked really got me to think a bit deeper on what it is that I’m working toward. Since the challenge has ended, I’ve committed to moving forward with my focus for 2015 and have already made some great progress on a guide I’m writing.

You’ve been a great inspiration to me to work towards building freedom in my life, so thanks for that!

– Sherri Abell, Canada, discoveringaway.com


What does the challenge look like?

It’s broken into three parts each lasting five days to ensure you create freedom in your life and business.

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Personal Freedom

  • Day 1 – Setting yourself up for daily success: Morning routine (HeadSpace, exercise, 5 minute journal)
  • Day 2 – MIAs Most Important Actions and how to plan for them
  • Day 3 – Productivity tools to keep you on track – Asana, Freedom App, Evernote
  • Day 4 – Removing distractions and reducing your dependence online
  • Day 5 – Letting go of habits and people who don’t serve you

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Business Freedom

  • Day 6 – Identifying the best business model to give you the lifestyle you deserve
  • Day 7 – Figuring out the ONE thing you’re going to focus on to succeed
  • Day 8 – Planning your year ahead and the milestones you want to achieve with this one thing
  • Day 9 – Understanding what systems and tools you need in place to achieve this
  • Day 10 – Recognizing what work you should be outsourcing and making this a priority

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Physical Freedom

  • Day 11 – Redesigning your year for more YOU time (holidays, digital sabbaticals, retreats)
  • Day 12 – Uncluttering your life and work environment to enjoy minimalism and freedom
  • Day 13 – Fuelling your mind, body and soul to be your best self
  • Day 14 – Receiving the benefits of travel (without even leaving your town)
  • Day 15 – Putting it all together to create your own personal Freedom Plan


Susan Stevens

Thanks Natalie Sisson, for the great challenge. I went into it a complete novice, having never really blogged before. I was curious about what it involved and wanted a better understanding of how it can add value to my business. I really enjoyed how each challenge evolved from the last as I documented my journey over the past few years both professionally & personally. As a result of putting my story & my brand out into the market & writing from the heart , I have created a new business partnership & been invited to regularly blog & expose my business to a new audience in a new country. My curiosity & question I had leading into the challenge has been answered! Thanks again Natalie Sisson Suitcase Entrepreneur for the opportunity to acquire new skills & to challenge myself x

– Susan Stevens, New Zealand, memeandco.com



This 15-day challenge was right on time for me! It was inspiring, empowering, and simply amazing. It made me really think about my day to day life, the way I run my business and family. I am happy to be able to participate it was fun. I learned to blog on a daily basis consistently, and it was really a awesome and rewarding feeling! I hope you have more in the future I would participate and invite others.

Thank you Natalie Sisson you have changed my way of “thinking” in terms of blogging!

– Clarissa Edmondson-Bridges, Georgia, thesweetestthingeventplanning.blogspot.com


Jason OwensI joined to get better at blogging and to get more out of what I do. I got the motivation and the commitment to blog each and every day. I am grateful for your blog challenge Natalie, and I hope in the future I can join others that you might have.

– Jason Owens, Texas, jasons-pc-repair.com



Hi Natalie, this experience has been completely life-altering for me. I joined the challenge as a way to kickoff the New Year and my blogging journey. I was overwhelmed by the whole marketing puzzle, and needed more clarity and a way to hold myself accountable for my actions. You’ve given me just that. A heart-felt Thank You to you and all the other challenge participants for giving me the inspiration and motivation that I so desperately needed. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

– Kaitlin Miller, Ontario, deviseyourdestiny.com


Tami-and-Bears---Visions-Gala-170This has been a great experience! I joined originally to just keep myself blogging, but I landed up learning so much more about myself, my work habits, my motivations and the importance of staying focused. It was the perfect thing I needed to take a few leaps I need to take! Thank you Natalie Sisson!!

– Tami Turkington Tate, Canada, tttconsulting.ca